The accompanying table provides game system information for shields. The following details are provided:

Shield Bonus: If you are carrying a shield, you get the listed bonus to your Defense. This helps you avoid getting hit in the first place. You need proper training to get the most out of shields, however. If you do not have the Weapon and Shield Talent, the maximum Defense bonus you will receive from a shield is +1. In other words, you must have the talent to get any benefit from using a medium or heavy shield.


Shield Type Shield Bonus Cost
Light Shield +1 15 sp
Medium Shield +2 30 sp
Heavy Shield +3 60 sp

Light Shield
A small shield, sometimes called a target, usually made of wood but sometimes metal. Light shields are usually round.

Medium Shield
The most popular shield amongst warriors, it provides good protection without being ungainly. Medium shields can be rectangular, round, or kite shaped.

Heavy Shield
This is the large shield of heavy infantry troops. It is most common on the battlefield, as its use requires the kind of training usually provided only to professional soldiers. Heavy shields can be rectangular or kite shaped.


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