Adventurer's Gear

This section includes common equipment favored by adventurers. The accompanying table lists the prices for each item.

Adventurer’s Gear

Gear Type Cost
Arrows (20) 2 sp
Bolts (20) 3 sp
Backpack 9 sp
Candle (Pair) 5 cp
Flask 50 cp
Flint and Steel 10 cp
Healer’s Kit 25 sp
Ink (Black, one vial) 20 cp
Lamp 2 sp
Lantern 5 sp
Lock Picks 12 sp
Mountain Garb 10 sp
Musical Instruments 10 sp
Oil, Pint 8 cp
Pouch (Belt) 1 sp
Quiver 2 sp
Rope (20 yards) 2 sp
Spike 5 cp
Tent, Large 35 sp
Tent, Small 10 sp
Torch 10 cp
Traveler’s Garb 15 sp
Waterskin 40 cp
Whetstone 10 cp

Arrows (20)
Ammunition for bows.

Bolts (20)
Ammunition for crossbows.

Adventurers prefer backpacks that aren’t too big, so they don’t get in the way during a fight.

Candle (Pair)
A candle illuminates a small (2 yard) radius and will burn for 1 hour.

A container to hold liquids, made of ceramic, glass, or metal, with a tight stopper.

Flint and Steel
A set of flint and steel is used to start a fire; striking the pieces together causes sparks, which are shed on tinder to begin a blaze.

Healer’s Kit
This kit contains bandages, herbs, salves, potions, small knives, thread and needle, and other tools used to treat injuries.

Ink (Black, one vial)
Black ink is the most common type, but other colors can be purchased at a higher price.

An oil lamp will burn for about 6 hours on a pint of oil. It illuminates a 6 yard radius. It burns more steadily than a torch, but the flaming oil can spill easily.

A lantern is like a lamp but is enclosed in glass. It may have shuttered or hinged sides to control how much light it emits. A lantern will burn for about the same amount of time as a lamp (6 hours), but it normally illuminates a wider area (a 10 yard radius).

Lock Picks
A set of tools used to manipulate locks.

Mountain Garb
Those in mountains like the Frostbacks know how to dress for cold weather. Mountain garb includes a wool coat and fleece-lined cap, a heavy fur cloak with hood, a shirt of linen, heavy pants or skirts, and fur-lined boots.

Musical Instrument
Common instruments in Thedas include flutes, harps, lutes, pipes, horns, drums, and fiddles. They liven up long marches and can inspire soldiers in battle.

Oil, Pint
Burned for lights in lamps and lanterns. A pint lasts for about 6 hours.

Pouch (Belt)
Used to carry small items and secure sheathed weapons to.

Used to store arrows or bolts.

Rope (20 yards)
A length of twisted fibers made from hemp.

A sharp stake of metal, often with an eye on the end. The spike is driven into a rock or ice face, or a castle wall, and a rope can be passed through the eye or tied off to assist in climbing a difficult surface.

Tent, Large
A tent intended for up to four adventurers, with arms and armor.

Tent, Small
A tent intended for one adventurer, with arms and armor. Two would find it cramped.

A short piece of wood or length of flax or hemp, with an end soaked in tallow to make it easier to light. A torch illuminates about a 6 yard radius and burns for approximately 1 hour.

Traveler’s Garb
Traveler’s garb usually includes good boots, wool breeches or a skirt, a sturdy belt, a wool or linen shirt or tunic, probably a vest or jacket, gloves, and a hooded cloak. A prepared traveler will also have a wool scarf, gloves, and possibly a wide-brimmed hat.

Water is necessary and a prepared adventurer ensures a ready supply.

Used to keep weapons sharp.

Adventurer's Gear

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